My latest novel The Good Doctor will be officially launched on Thursday September 18th at 7 pm, at Chapters, Kenmount Road, St. John’s, Newfoundland. All are welcome. The novel is available at Chapters-Indigo, Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and all quality book stores as well as though Flanker Press.

The Good Doctor by Paul Butler



All who “share”, “comment” or “like” on my Facebook page (or any of those nice things people do) before the event will have their names put into a hat for a draw. First prize is a free copy of The Good Doctor . Second prize is a free copy of the 2009 World War I novel Hero.

The Good Doctor — Summary

Portland, Maine, 1910: an assembly gathers to listen to a fundraising lecture by the esteemed medical missionary, Doctor Wilfred Grenfell. Grenfell has been working for eighteen years with trappers, fishermen and their families on Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula and in coastal Labrador. Thanks in part to the wild adventures recorded in his recent best-seller Adrift on an Icepan, Grenfell is becoming ever more famous in North America.

But tonight something is wrong. The man who appears before the audience as “the good doctor” suddenly receives a challenge from the floor; he neither looks, sounds, nor acts like the real Wilfred Grenfell.

Thirty years later, during research for a triumphalist article on the human spirit, journalist Judy Agar tracks down the Grenfell imposter living quietly in Massachusetts. It soon transpires that he and the ‘real’ Grenfell share a common history which dates back to London in the 1880s. As medical students they shadowed each other through the corridors of a London hospital, the music halls, the evangelist missions and the slums, each of them vying for the affections of a young nurse whose influence turned out to be decisive for them both.

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