The Good Doctor Upcoming Events and Critical Response


Upcoming Events

The Good Doctor reading at Corner Brook Central Library (West Street) on Tuesday, October 28th at 6.30 pm. All welcome.

Check out the Newfoundland Herald, Oct 5-11, The Writing World, for an interview with Dillon Collins.

Critical Response to The Good Doctor so far

  • “A rousing good read that gives a needed and welcome counterbalance to the prevailing Grenfellian myth.” Burton K. Janes in The Compass
  • “Anything but a dry read, Butler’s book is laced with mystery and romance. It keeps the reader turning pages to find out what will happen next.” Danette Dooley in The Aurora.
  • “This novel truly is suspenseful, nail biting and enjoyable all at the same time. Butler provides a thrilling situation . . . in an extremely well written piece.” Gina Hartmann in Tink of Ink.

To see details of the Instant Hook Literary Contest, see the Ink Stains — Updated from June entry on this blog. The contest is open until December 2 (postmark date).


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