Hero Reading

Many thanks to the Shorefast Foundation and the Fogo Island Inn for organizing and hosting Saturday night’s reading from my novel, Hero, originally published by Vagrant Press (Nimbus) in 2009 but current once more.

About Hero:
When Lieutenant Simon Jenson returns from the war in 1918, his wife Sarah finds him emotionally fragile and prone to violent rages. Not even their young daughter Lucy can cheer him. Worse, their lives are soon overtaken by the shadow of blackmail. Sarah and Elsa, Lucy’s governess, are forced to reconsider everything they once believed about loyalty, valour, and responsibility. “[A] brilliant new novel. Butler uses imaginative, textured language to convey the emotional contradictions of his characters.”  Atlantic Books Today.

Fogo Island Inn


The reading in Fogo Island Inn’s cinema


This has been a wonderful time on Fogo Island. The setting — the island is surrounded by icebergs at this time of year — is spectacular, and the people have been universally kind and friendly.

I was also delighted to be part of an event on May 28 to protest the unconscionable decision by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador to close Fogo Island’s only public library, along with 53 other rural libraries around the province. So much damage to people’s lives for so little in terms of financial savings. Sad and completely unnecessary.


2 thoughts on “Hero Reading

  1. I agree. The closing of the library is indeed sad and unnecessary. Seems like we’re dealing with a government who has no foresight or knowledge of what is necessary for a province with the highest rate of illiteracy across Canada. By the way, I read ‘Hero’ and enjoyed it.

    • Thanks for the comment, Linda. It’s notable how absolutely everyone you meet is disgusted by the library closures. WANL is encouraging people to go to a threatened library and arrange a meeting. I think it would be a real treat to hear you read from The Tin Triangle at a public library!

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