2016 Instant Hook Results

Many thanks to all those who entered the 2015-2016 Instant Hook Literary Contest. We now have the results!

Congratulations to first place winner Ilonka Halsband of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, whose Instant Hook entry was Sibling Rivalry, a deft and darkly humorous piece on the theme of revenge. This beautifully absorbing and funny novel-opening promises a highly intriguing, suspenseful and fun ride to come. I hope to see more from Ilonka in the not so distant future! Ilonka will receive a prize of $300.00 and a sodalite key chain from Open Earth Designs.

The runners up are:

Margaret Smith of Spaniards’ Bay, Newfoundland, for her entry The Wraith of Cape English. In Margaret’s story an unexpected homecoming brings a tense exchange that seems to already hold a novel’s worth of backstory. But while the scene is engaging and dramatic, the author wisely holds back from exposition. Can’t wait to see what hides in these characters’ pasts!

Wendy Lowden of Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Wendy’s (untitled) entry sets up a mystery of a different sort; a minister wrestles with questions when the collection box is repeatedly raided. The authorial voice is strong, funny and philosophical. I believed in the minister, her wry humour and her predicament which lacks a rational solution.

Each year the adjudication process proves there is no one way to begin a compelling story. Sometimes it’s a sense of mystery, something we don’t know. Sometimes the situation is very clear and the thing that compels us to read is where the drama will take us now. Sometimes it’s humour and often it is many of those things married to the strength and clear definition of the authorial voice.

The standard was particularly high this year and I would like to thank everyone for entering!

Coming up, don’t miss the two evening Prepare to Publish which will take place in March in Corner Brook. Call 709 640-9440 for details.